Countdown to 401(k) Enrollment

As I have noted in previous posts, one of the biggest financial mistakes I made when I was a young, working college student was to fail to enroll in the RadioShack [NYSE: RSH] 401(k) and the company stock purchase plan. Had someone just sat me down and made me sign the enrollment paperwork, I would have had a significant jump-start on my retirement savings by now.

Hindsight, of course, is 20-20, and there is no use crying over spilled milk. But in exactly two months I will have an opportunity to rectify this mistake of youth by once again being eligible for the RadioShack 401(k) plan.

While I am currently just a part-time employee at RadioShack to supplement my university income, the lack of adequate funding for advanced grad students at UCSC has me seriously considering making a major job switch to RadioShack store management, should I fail to receive funding for the next academic year.

While I am contemplating this (temporary?) potential fork in my career path, I fully intend to enroll in the RadioShack 401(k) plan as soon as I am eligible, come June 2nd. Regardless of whether RadioShack remains supplemental income or becomes my primary source of earnings while I finish my Ph.D., I plan to take advantage of the company matching to provide an additional stream of money into my retirement portfolio while I am there.

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