Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

San Jose, CAMy wife is in San Francisco this morning interviewing for a job as an admissions recruiter for the Academy of Art. She has been yearning to do something other than retail management for some time, and I have a hunch that she would like to do something more related to her field of study, Art History. She had her first-round interview with Human Resources and with the Admissions department yesterday, after which the Academy of Art immediately invited her back for a second-round interview today.

Should my wife take the job with the Academy of Art, we will be forced to move out of Santa Cruz, since the commute from Santa Cruz to San Francisco is unreasonable at best. We are giving serious thought to moving over the hill to San Jose if she gets the Academy of Art job. San Jose is still a bit of a commute to San Francisco, but the public transportation options make the commute more palatable.

I may have something in the works with RadioShack Corporation in San Jose as well, but the details are sketchy at this point so I will have to fill in the detail when I know a bit more. All I can say is that I am disappointed with the funding situation from my grad school department and with the general lack of available teaching positions at the local colleges. This is forcing me to seriously reconsider my career path and entertain the notion of taking a more stable corporate job instead of continuing to beat my brains out looking for enough teaching work to scrape by.

San Jose is not as appealing a place to live aesthetically, given that it is the heart of Silicon Valley and the technology industry. But the rent is cheaper, the commute would be better, and it is closer to my hometown, which means that I might actually get to see family once in a while. So all in all, I am excited about the idea of moving to San Jose. And thus may soon begin the "Great Apartment Hunt," round II.


savvy said...

If she'll be in SF and you'll be in SJ, have you considered the East Bay? When I lived in the area, I found it much more affordable than living on the Peninsula or in the SJ area.

bobby said...


Zachary said...


For now I would still have to commute down to Santa Cruz to teach my 8:00 a.m. course at UCSC. Once that is over for the academic year, though, then the East Bay would be far better.


Not to fear, church is just a hop, skip, and a jump down the hill on Sundays. :-)

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