Investing As Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurshipThe drudgery and stress of seeking a traditional career path has me increasingly interested in entrepreneurship and business ownership. While I have several business ideas on the table, it has occurred to me that as an investor I am already an entrepreneur.

Investing in the stock market gives the investor part-ownership of his or her investments and entitles the bearer of the investments to a share of the profits of those business investments in the form of dividends or appreciation of the value of the investments themselves.

While I do not yet have the start-up capital necessary to buy or to start a business outright, traditional investing can be viewed as a form of entrepreneurship itself. One might never make the transition from investing to business ownership, or one might use investing as a means to generate the capital necessary to own one's own company. In either case, one's investments are analogous to the "money machine" of a traditional business.

Remember that the whole point of business is to generate profit by making more money than one spends to run the business. Stock market investing serves the same purpose and can be pursued on a much smaller scale than business investing.

So if you, too, would like to consider yourself an entrepreneur but lack the financial means to invest in a business, take the plunge instead into stock market investing. You can put your money to work for you generating more capital that you could use for your retirement or to make the transition to small business ownership someday.

Don't get stick in the mindset that you have to be rich already to become an entrepreneur. By putting your money to work for you, you already show yourself to be smarter with your money than 90% of people out there who resign themselves to working for every dollar earned instead of pursuing passive income. If you are an investor you are already an entrepreneur!

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