Things You Don't Understand

Question mark key on keyboardSeth Godin has challenged his readers to make a list of things they don't understand. After all, as Socrates said, being wise means knowing what you don't know (or knowing that you know nothing, but I'm not that pessimistic). Here is my list, although I do have some thoughts on each of these:
  • How to start a business with no capital
  • How to finish a Ph.D. dissertation
  • How to design a ham radio from scratch
  • Why God allows suffering in the world
  • Why self-serving jerks are the ones that get ahead
  • Why people still talk about buying gold at $1000 per ounce
  • How anyone affords a house in Santa Cruz
  • What happened to quality television like family sitcoms and Star Trek
  • Why people like Jim Cramer
There are, of course, many other things I don't understand fully. But that will be enough for now. How about you? What things don't you understand, financially or otherwise? Post your list or link below for all to see.

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reiner said...

Here is my list of things I do not understand:
1. what type of incomes are ads and affiliates? If i post them in a blog that i created, can i declare them as a derivative of intellectual property? are they commercial income?
2. why do we die?
3. why didn't i read personal finances earlier in my life?

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