Alone in the Dark, Silent and Still

I've been trying to save money on electricity while I am home by myself.  This is difficult for me because I enjoy electronic devices so much (computers, game systems, mobile devices, ham radio, Kindle, and so on).

But as I write this, my laptop computer is the only thing in the entire house that is switched on.  Everything else, from electric lights to electric blankets, from television to Xbox, is turned off.  Indeed, I am alone in the dark, silent and still.  I am the zen master of my little green house.

Why do we modern people fear solitude and darkness so much?  Along with turning off the electronics comes a mental decluttering.  I can hear myself think more quickly.  I am more attuned to by body's rhythms (pulse, respiration, and so on).  I meditate on the whimsy of our cats' movements around the house.  And the pace of our modern electronic lifestyle seems instantly slower.

If you are reading this, I dare you (no, wait; I double dog dare you) to spend just 15 minutes alone in the dark, silent and still.  Can you even go 15 minutes, or has our modern lifestyle taken over your inner soul completely and silenced your inner voice?  Do you think more clearly?  Breathe more deliberately?  Daydream more peacefully?

Sit alone in the dark more often, like Descartes scripting his Meditations by candlelight, and try to recapture the power of the human mind left to its own devices.  See where your mind can take you.

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